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  1. On 2016-11-07 at 8:57 PM, Alexandr Priezzhev said:

    To use Evernote 6.x (tested with versions up to 6.4.2) on Linux install PlayOnLinux (it is free), create bottle, based on the 1.8-steam_crossoverhack Wine package, run the Evernote installer, enjoy! Additionally you could want to apply FontsSmoothRGB and Microsoft Core Fonts components to the created bottle.

    Hi, I've tried that combination and it is very fast and responsive. one thing I've noticed is that check marks do not appear with this wine-combo. (See pics below. One represents the native windows client and the other represents the web client)

    Also URLs don't appear to become links (I can live with that though).
    Anyone solved this already. Would be nice to know if there is a solution to this. Thanks



    Screenshot from 2016-12-01 00-20-50.png

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