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  1. On 11/17/2013 at 4:29 PM, BurgersNFries said:


    Some people do.  I know I like to see completed things on a list so I know they were on the list & completed.  If I can't see them on the list, I don't know if a particular item got overlooked or not.

    Google Keep has a great solution for this.  It just separates tasks that are still opened and those that are checked.  I think it'd be a great feature to have in evernote.  There is also a button to clear checked items once they are checked if you are no longer interested in seeing them.  

    I think the best way to manage check boxes is to have 3 options and the ability to implement different options for different notes.

    1. When a box is checked do nothing just show the check mark.

    2. When a box is checked move it to a "completed" section of the note.

    3. When a box is checked archive the line item.


    Google Keep Screenshot.JPG

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