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  1. On 8/6/2016 at 11:50 PM, 26ph said:

    Kees, the plugin Evermail by Feingeist for Apple Mail saves e-mails in Evernote with the original date and time on which they were received. 

    The Evermail plugin is no longer available but they have a larger suite. What I don't like is that is either crippled by restricting usage or only available as a subscription. But I will try it just to see if it works like it should.

  2. When I forward a message (as attachment) from my email client to Evernote the creation date of the note is set to the timestamp the email is received and processed. Is it possible to set the creation date of the note to the timestamp (Date header) of the forwarded message?

    I use forward as attachment with an empty body and the Fwd: prefix removed so I get only the content of the forwarded email in my note, no other stuff.

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