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  1. I took a couple months off from working on my novel, & just came back to. . . this MESS!  This new layout is TOTALLY useless for me.  I LOVED EverNote, have recommended to MANY friends . . . NEVER AGAIN!  

    This has set my work back AT LEAST 6 months!

    I NEED the old 3-column layout back.  Honestly, if there's no option to go back, I will have to hand-copy my 3750 Notes onto FILE CARDS.

    I paid for PREMIUM, under the assumption that this formerly EXCELLENT tool would, yes, make occasional "upgrades," but I never bargained for you putting a WRECKING BALL through it.

    After I stop crying, I'm going to look for that part in the TOS where I can get my $$$ back. . . which is pitiful compared to what you're costing my project. . . but you probably changed THAT too!

    YOU MUST, at the very LEAST give PREMIUM users the OPTION to use the previous version.

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