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  1. Hi--new to this forum, newish user of Evernote.  If this post is in the wrong place, please move it.

    Someone trusted sent me some free downloadable files re organizing my work/week using Evernote.  These are templates to be used inside of Evernote.  They are, I discovered later, an "enex" file.

    When I first received her links, I clicked on them, didn't see anything happen.  Evernote didn't pop up., nor did a "download" application like Ive seen on other files I've received.

    Somehow, something I did gave me the option to open the files in Adobe. Thought that would work, but NO, it doesn't.  Adobe can't read them, but I've somehow locked those links TO the Adobe system.  I contacted my friend, she said to download Evernote (which I've just done), and then double click on the files again, they should download.  Nope, still goes to Adobe.

    I'm using Windows 10 on my laptop.  Is there a way to delete/disable that auto Adobe connection?  I DO click on the "don't use this every time" button that Adobe offers, but apparently that's not enough. 

    I hope someone can help me disable the Adobe system for this one project.  I'll use Adobe in the future for other things.  I would copy and paste those files, but I'm not seeing where to paste them within Evernote.  I have NOT yet contacted an Adobe forum, am hoping I don't have to.  I know, it's difficult  dealing with two different companies.  

    Thanks for your help.



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