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  1. If I knew I could use the legacy 6.25 version indefinitely I would consider renewing. But never for the $74.61 indicated on my account's Billing page. I would find it difficult to even renew at the $44 I paid to renew a year ago. I actually enjoyed using legacy Evernote Desktop just for the sake of using it - aside from the usefulness I found in it! It was so fast and powerful, with so very many little features that had been added through the years to accommodate user requests and workflows. The web clipper is outstanding and is the primary thing that has kept me thus far. I understand the decisions made to unify the code base, etc. But surely it was understood by all that going the route you did would cripple the speed and functionality of the desktop version. At least I would certainly hope so. But I'm not really so sure, given that there seem to be so few at Evernote that actually knew what all the software was capable of any how/why users used it as they did. It's just another app now. It's not very special and certainly not business-class, given how it now actually slows the productivity of users. The countless posts on the Evernote forums are absolutely right about that. And that cannot change until a legitimate, robust, local desktop version is released. There is no such thing now. I'll miss the Evernote I used to know. But there are just too many excellent alternatives, free and paid. I'll probably go back to OneNote for now, which is excellent in a lot of ways. Thank goodness the 6.25 legacy desktop version will export in a format that isn't too awfully cumbersome to import into Microsoft's product. Good luck to you all and to the employees at Evernote. You guys are adding a lot of really interesting and useful features to your entirely new product, and I hope you find the number of subscribers that sustaining the company requires who find your offerings acceptable for their use. Spencer
  2. Oh, I just assumed you were familiar with OneNote. So many people have researched multiple options. The "refusal" goes back years and is well documented in these forums. Some love it as it is - hell, I still love so much about Evernote. And the web clipper is a work of art. For a while I tried to change so that Evernote would work for me, but I ultimately had to find something else that allowed me to organize in a way I felt comfortable with. I don't understand why they implemented "stacks," since they were so adamant that "notebooks/notes" was all anyone needed. The thing is, adding the ability to have sub-folders, the way something like Nimbus Notes does, wouldn't negatively impact anyone who prefers tags. It would simply add an option that many users have been clamoring for. I was using the web version quite a bit last year, and what I have always loved about Evernote was the visual layout and the ability to have a visual overview at all times of "notebooks/list of notes/current or selected note." The new web version design did away with that and didn't even provide the option to use that view, thus removing one of the things that kept me from switching.
  3. OneNote offers up to six levels of hierarchy, as I'm sure you're aware.
  4. I was a paying customer who switched to OneNote after seeing the new web version and the continued refusal to allow multiple sub-folders, and that was before Microsoft made switching much, much easier: https://www.onenote.com/import-evernote-to-onenote. Their web clipper could use more improvement, but the desktop version I use is absolutely loaded with features and MS is actually asking users what features they desire (as opposed to being told what features they are allowed). I'm very pleased with the switch.
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