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  1. Greg Jewett's post in CHANGE COLOR OF SELECTED NOTE was marked as the answer   
    I too have several Dell monitors and noticed the washed out look when selecting of a note in the note list.  But I found the fix, at least in my case.
    I might offer some troubleshooting that I did.  This applies to Windows and Mac.   Each platform has a different way of configuring it, and I am a Mac user, so I will explain how I do it on a Mac, and you will need to figure out the Windows equivalent.
    Open System Preferences, and select "Display". Display settings windows will appear on each screen, so make you are looking for the window on th Dell monitor. Select the "Color" tab.  This is for the ColorSync profile. Select from the list the "Calibrated" colorsync profile for the Dell Monitor, it is usually named after the model of the monitor (automatically determined). This made a DRASTIC change for, changing the washed out yellow selection look to a gray darker selection.  The text also start to pop a bit more, making it easier to read. GOOD LUCK!
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