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  1. HI


    I am trying to put together some notes for development


    When I paste the following

        <script src="<c:url value="/${environmentName}/microloader.js"/> "></script>
    evernote tries to be clever and adds spaces around the equals, before forward slash, after greater than sign
    As you can see from the text from evernote, it has tried to preserve the colour coding but it has also added spaces everywhere
         < script src = "< c:url value = " /${environmentName} /microloader.js/> " ></ script>


    (Interestingly the above line has the green, purple and blue colour coding as above but the editor in this post shows it as I type but removes it on preview!)


    If I paste as normal text without formatting the additional spaces are not preset

        <script src="<c:url value="/${environmentName}/microloader.js" />" ></script>

    This is really annoying for code notes as, though I can paste as normal text, the colour coding from the editor (eclipse) is great to have, in particular as I often share these notes as tips for other users and I find myself having to check each time as the additional spaces can lead to errors.


    Is there any way around this?




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