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  1. I just lost >=30 screenshot-snippets in a service/support document during a customer paid support session! I lost 8h work / documentation for the client!

    => Can I somehow retrieve them in a cache folder ? I really need this to recover!

    => Do you have hints how to avoid image loss? What WORKAROUNDS for Version V5.9.9.9915 (277915) Public do you have ?

        > In my case I did not have internet access, as I was connected to a VPN during work, Can image loss with Version V5.9.9.9915 (277915) Public avoided by assuring to be connected to Internet and then make a manual sync ?

    WHERE can I download the FIXED BETA VERSION? I need a fixed version as fast as possible !

    Regards, Hendrik

  2. yes, but we have 25 employees and each of them have some 25 stacks at least with some more than 25 notebooks in it.

    This takes more than ONE MINUTE!

    I totally agree with clairefm.

    Evernote developement/management has chosen very wrong focus recently. Nonsense features like "Context" have been developed but not key features like Sharing Stacks.

    wake up.

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  3. Yes, please!


    We have just moved to "Business"-accounts as we were convinced that sharing stacks is *the* "typical buisiness - feature", which would be already available in the Buisiness version of accounts.

    Now we are dissapointed that this feature isn't yet implemented. Hope it gets available very soon !


    The workaround by organizing this with keywords is not the solution.

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