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  1. I've gone through the sample excel vba files, and figured out how to write out notes and search on different tags. I'm trying to scan through the notes, pull out ToDo items that are not checked, consolidate them, and then upload them as a new note with a "DailyToDo" tag. I can get to the point where I create an EDML string with everything I want. But I can't figure out how to create and upload the new note. 


    Code snippet is:

        sNewNote = sEDMLPreamble & sNewNote & "</en-note>"
        Dim edNewNote As EdamNote
        Set edNewNote = noteStore.createnote
        Set edNewNote.Title = "Daily Task List from ToDo Notes"
        Set edNewNote.Content = sNewNote
    But I get the error "Invalid procedure call or argument on the first Set edNewNote line. Can someone give me some help?
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