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  1. I should be able to open an Evernote note on my iPad and write notes with a stylus directly into an existing note or create a new handwritten note without resorting to Penultimate.  Penultimate is an awful app that truly does not even integrate well with the rest of Evernote.  Handwriting needs to be seamless.  Onenote for iPad recently introduced such a feature and it works but not fluidly enough.  Still, its better than what Evernote has for handwriting.  I want all my notes together, regardless of what kind they are, and handwriting needs to be fully integrated, not some add on kludge.


    The first company with smooth, fully integrated handwriting support will blow the other out of the water.

    Have you tried Penultimate since the most recent upgrade? Yes, it was pretty much unusable previously, but now works well.

  2. Yes, just spotted that. Would be more useful now to close off this thread and just post regarding issues relating to version 6.0.3. First impressions of this new update are good.


  3. Another week gone. Not used the app that much as I'm on pen and paper much more now. just one crash this week and the usual loss of a few minutes notes. Interestingly the crash report only seems to come up when it shuts in the background when the lock screen has appeared. When it crashed in use there was no message asking if I wanted to send a crash report, so maybe evernote are completely unaware of any issues other than through forums like this. Anyway, I still want penultimate to be the stable app it once was. I have no real issue with functionality - I have not taken to other apps such as noteshelf, notability and goodnotes that I've toyed with - the way I write, penultimate is better.

  4. Over the past 2 days I have had no crashes (that I have spotted) or loss of content. I also notice that on a couple of occasions when starting penultimate I had a message to say the app had quit unexpectedly and an option, which I accepted, to send a crash report. Hopefully if it happens again there will be something in the report. I'll see what next week brings.

  5. DaveMC, "...I loose...", should be "..I lose...", as in loss and lost; notice they all have only one letter o. Why do I mention this, it is a common mistake that many folks do not know the difference. Lose sounds as though it should have double letter o. English is such a strange language, silent letters and all.



    Point taken and well made. I had initially found myself also typing 'loosing' but corrected it. Sadly I missed the 'loose'. I ended up googling it as I couldn't decide if I was just going mad.

  6. Have you guys tried rebooting your devices or deleting the app and installing directly through the App Store?

    You won't lose your content when you sign in.

    Had 2 days of general use since rebooting and reinstalling. I have had 1 crash with loss of the last few minutes of notes. Feels a little less flaky than previously but clearly still not reliable enough for long term use. Currently using pen and paper if it's critical and penultimate for scribbles. Hope there's a more stable version sometime soon. I've also registered to beta test as I want penultimate back to being the best.

  7. I am getting so frustrated with the stability of penultimate. I use everyday for work. Several times a day the app is crashing and I lose the last 5 minutes or so of my notes. It is proving too unstable to use. I had no problems at all with the old version (like many others). It feels to me as if Pemultimate is automatically syncing with Evernote every so often whilst I'm using it and there is something to do with the sync that is causing the occasional crash.

    I wondered if anyone has the same experience and has tired abandoning the Evernote sync and whether that makes it more stable. I would be happy just to mail the pdf files to myself as backup if it is until it becomes more stable. For now I am going to have to give note shelf a go in the hope it is more reliable.

    Other than the crashes and loss I am pretty much ok with the functionality in the new Pemultimate. I would prefer a button rather than the 2 finger scroll but it's not a show stopper for me. Losing notes is.......



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