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  1. Since I upgraded to iOS 11, I have an intermittent problem with my handwriting being offset about an inch. This happens when I use a regular stylus Or an Apple Pencil.  In order to resolve this I need to restart Penultimate and it will correct itself.This is happening continuously. Any ideas?

  2. Dear Evernote:

    I am a longtime loyal EVERNOTE brand customer . As a Premium user I have also purchased your scanner ,notebooks and at least 3 of your stylus. I use Evernote every day as part of my workday. As a sales professional, I also pass on recommendations to my customers and fellow team members at work. Evernote has always been part of this conversation.

    When I heard that Penultimate had become part of Evernote , I actually switched from another note taking App to Penultimate. Unlike some , I believe. I paid for the app. Not that money is the issue .

    I was excited to hear that Pennultimate was being updated . I saw. The new look icon and was ready for some new cool enhancements and improvements . Yeow- it's like I landed on another planet. I am always open to change, however

    How about access to my original data?

    How about a tutorial explaining how to get your notebooks ? Even Apple lets you revert to a Classic style when they try something new..

    I am hoping you read the discussion notes on this issue - people are very upset. There are personal , business and education customers with problems . I am hoping that Evernote can see their way to jumping on this problem for so many loyal customers

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