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  1. My ideal forkflow is:


    1. digitize the paper as quickly as possible 

    2. it arrives in Evernote in a notebook called 'inbox'

    3. when I have time, I look at each item in the inbox, add search context and move it to a notebook called 'Archive'


    I don't want to create any obstacle for digitizing the papers, otherwise I might put it off, because I don't feel like reading and categorizing everything.. The next thing you know you have a "to scan" pile, which I don't want. 


    So when I come home, I want to put all my new mail into the scanner, press a button and forget about it until I have time to log into my computer. 

    I want the scanner to be a stand alone unit so I don't have any driver or connection issues, just scan straight to evernote using wifi. 

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  2. Hello. I'm trying to get rid of all the papers in my house. To make things easier, I want to buy a scanner to import every letter, receipt and note I got laying around. 


    I'd like to have a device that can scan a receipt or A4 paper, both sides at once and using OCR. I also want it to connect to wifi and send the scan directly to Evernote, without using external devices. 


    I don't want to spend more than $400 for it. Is this possible? I've been looking at reviews for hours but I can't figure out if they can do what I described above. 


    The on I'm currently thinking of is the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i, but I'm not sure if it can scan to evernote without a computer in between. 

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