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  1. Ah @DTLow - They have been disappointing us for years about this!

    I've reached out to CEO @croneill and @evernotehelps about twice a year for a few years now about this issue of not being able to sort manually, I always get the same "thanks for your input" go-nowhere response.

    I would HEAVILY use Evernote if they allowed you 1. Sort manually

    Also, I've been complaining for a long time about not being able to Copy / Paste text formatting styles - like Bold, Header, Italics, coloured text etc.

    Apple's app allow this though Edit Menu items, with the simple keyboard shortcuts of ( ⌥ ⌘ C  [copy style] and ⌥ ⌘ V [paste style] )

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  2. 12 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    Thats a stupid comment

    A disruption would impact millions of users successfully using Evernote.  

    If the product isn’t working for you, switch to a different service


    HA HA HA — No. it's not a stupid comment. Disruption, and competition is what drives progress. Companies get real fat and lazy when they don't have to work for it, and ideas get stale when there are never any better ones presented. A competitive alternative to Evernote would either:

    Be so good, everyone would switch over to it (Myspace › Facebook - for example)


    Or provide new ideas and improved efforts, new features, and better design to prevent users switching over to the alternative, thus continuing to improve the product rapidly and competitively.  (iOS vs Android - for example) — or… do you not want Evernote to improve really? Because the software is still missing some key features… with "home" and "end" key support at the bottom of my list of things I'd like supported or changed.

    Sorry Guru. That's how it works.

  3. Jesus.

    At this point I cannot WAIT for some company to come by and disrupt Evernote.
    The annoying thing is that among Evernote's minor issues with their platform, the core of the program in terms of basic use and formatting are underpowered, missing critical features, or just annoying or difficult.


    Of course the HOME and END keys don't work, in 2017, still.


  4. Evernote is great, but is really hurt when it lacks basic design elements — Thus slowing it's use.

    On the Mac, Right Click, Contextual Menu support is lacking.

    There are many times I want to rename a stack or add a notebook within a notebook stack and I am unable to do so via the usual "right click, add new/rename" design methodology.

    I have to navigate to "Notebooks" to do this — Why can't I just right-click a stack and "add new Notebook"?

    PLEASE make Evernote more useful with basic things like this.

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  5. I know that it's by design. I'm sure Evernote could make this happen if they wanted to. Though it would take some work. 


    I I just think the design is bad. Human beings don't practically organize things based on alphabetical systems or when things last get modified. Our notebooks and notes are like where we put our keys or where we choose to store our clothes.  We build systems based on remembered location and place association - meaning we put like things together. Currently it's not possible to group "related" notes or notebooks alongside each other or in a hierarchical order. Imagine apple not allowing you to custom order your frequent call favourites list on the iPhone  imagine if you had to rely only on alphabetical nonsensical order.


    Dissalowing custom hierarchy and sorting is  bad design because it's not human focused design.


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  6. While I admire your passion and dedication, this is of course a tedious and unideal process to workaround poor design. If you ever wanted to add new notes or notebooks or reflow you'd have to rename everything. 

    A workaround yes, but one you should never have to do. So let's hope Evernote addresses this properly.


    thanks for writing. 

    By the way  -

    I tweeted at the CEO of Evernote about this, perhaps more people should till it's addressed. 

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  7. Please allow custom user sorting, or allow notebooks to be placed in grouped "Sections" - which can be arranged into a hierarchy.


    The ability to group notebooks alongside one another based on their content makes far more sense than letting the alphabet define them.

    People use Evernote in many different ways, I wish Evernote would respect the large group of individuals who would prefer to sort their work by it's content and meaning rather than just the alphabet.


    No one would ever organize a book shelf by alphabet alone. It would be insane to mix cooking and history, erotic fantasy, law etc - all based on author or title. Arranging into categorized areas makes infinitely more sense.

  8. Custom Highlight colour would be great. It could even be presented very simply as a few options - Green / Blue / Yellow / Orange / Grey

    It could be a simple setting in prefs to always choose just one colour and keep it uniform throughout by design (like now) — I just want to choose a different colour option than yellow.


    Personally, I don't really love that shade of yellow. it's a bit too post-it note boring and not nice enough.

    I like the way the feature is implemented though and wouldn't want too much customization per say, however, a bit more than an on/off option might be nice.

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    I use Evernote every day for my research journal.
    Every 6 months or so I create a new notebook, and try to move it to a specific place on the sidebar. Then I remember, 'Nooo, Evernote really loves alphabetical order!'.
    I become grumpy, so I Google 'Evernote custom sorting of notebooks', so I can read through this thread once again, and feel the wrath of other users with the same problem.
    By the time I reach the end of the thread, I am no longer grumpy, because I know for a fact, that:
    - Every single Evernote user is a developer (like me!); and
    - BurgersNFries is probably not a Mr.
    I will continue to use (and enjoy using) Evernote, but if custom notebook sorting is ever implemented, it will just make it just a little bit more complete.


    I feel your pain.

  10. I would really like my notebook list arranged in a manual way - having to use the alphabet to decide order is dumb.

    I would prefer to arrange notebooks so that the ones that relate to one another (but are different enough to justify being different notebooks entirely)  can be beside one another.


    This is how anyone would interact in the real world, and how I would like my information collected in Evernote too..

    You would always put knives and forks and spoons in the same drawer, because they they are all flatware, it would be insane if spoons were in one drawer at the bottom and forks were in a another drawer way at the top all because of the first letter to spell them.

    We think and arrange things by type, not by alphabetic order.


    Please address this for sanity sake.

  11. Tabs in evernote (Mac) should be no different than Tabs anywhere else in the OS. This has produced a world of hurt for me trying to bring in text docs and having alignment all out of way, or composing in Evernote and taking it into textedit and having things wacky there too.


    Please fix this madness.

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