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  1. This has been my main issue with Evernote since becoming a very early adopter. I am an artist and a designer and Evernote's visual aspect is part of what makes Evernote work for me over other solutions. Yet the inability to choose the thumbnail is completely at odds with this core nature of the app. In my experience, and from what I have read in how-to recommendations, using Evernote as frequently and deeply as possible is the way to get the most out of it. With a high volume of notes, trying to think about algorithms about "largest of smallest dimensions" of the images in the note is not possible. It is too confusing and and to open and resize all one's images, calculating a dimension strategy, would just take too much time.


    I love TheBrain software; I think the system of forming relationships between notes/thoughts is very compelling and useful, and it has many capabilities and features. I also love the look of it. But the one reason I have a hard time using it as my primary note/thought repository is that the interface is, ultimately, not visual enough for me. I want to scan through my notes and see a visual representation, not just a title. Evernote is better on this score, even without the ability to choose thumbnails. But Evernote would be so much more successful with that feature.


    Evernote, is there any chance you are working on the addition of this feature? I throw in my strong request that you do.





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