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  1. I installed the newest versions of Evernote on my Mac Pro (Sierra) and iPad & iPhone (iOS 10.2) and when I take a picture and update Evernote, a new note with the correct title shows up, but not the picture I took. To be more specific, photos do not show up at all on the laptop, and only in the preview pane on the iPad. The title shows up, and date stamp, but no photo. Can you help me with this? Please see partial screenshot below. "Note" should contain a photo of lyrics, but contains nothing. The note title "Checks" contains nothing, either.

    If it's any kind of clue, the EN icons for all devices show a red circled "2" but there's no immediate indication in the apps what I am presumably being notified of.


    Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 3.09.11 PM.png

  2. Really wish I hadn't upgraded.

    When I read that the new Web UI would be pushed out to the other clients, I guess I expected a little more advance notice.


    Is color so bad?  It's just so stark.  No sign of the Evernote green I've come to love and admire except in the icon.

    I really think the Android folks have nailed the design with a modern fresh look that doesn't sacrifice color.


    I'm sure I'll get used to it.  I guess I'll have to.


    I need to find a way to turn off the translucency though.  Either that or get rid of some wallpaper.



    I concur. I admit I'm a Green Guy, but the starkness of the new design makes me feel I've lost a friend ... a green friend. Having an entire screen where everything is visually weighted so similarly makes my eyes work overtime.





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