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  1. Laral's post in Locked out. "Upgrade to continue using Evernote on this device" or sign out when only on one device." "You've already unsynced a maximum of 2 times this month." was marked as the answer   
    @Notatious D
    I was able to export 100 selected notes at a time and then import them all to my new note-taking app:
    I have permanently switched to open source FREE Joplin, which is available for most major OSes, including mobile devices. This is the best open source app I was able to find. No limits, easily syncs among all my devices. You can sync it to many cloud services including FREE OneDrive. Notes don't take up much space so the 15GB limit is more than adequate. I have more than 500 imported notes so far.  You can enable Encryption and a Master password for privacy but I haven't explored those features yet. In order to create and edit notes you have to use markdown format in a two-pane interface that you can toggle on and off with a shortcut. You view your notes in the WYSIWYG pane. I have been using markdown since I first used Simplenote. It is also the format used on many software forums. It is easy to learn and very powerful. There are convenient tools at the top that format text in the same way as in this forum's editor so you don't even have to learn markdown syntax really. And you can use the OS's formatting shortcuts such as for italics, bold, etc. and it automatically applies markdown format. You can paste images as well. It is much more convenient to use than EN. You can access your note and scroll naturally with just the keyboard, and the cursor follows the current page. Unlike EN you don't have to use a tracking device to do those things. I always hated such dysfunctionality. Any app that does not allow me to use mostly keyboard shortcuts and requires mouse/trackpad interaction instead, is the work of incompetent developers who just don't get the user experience. Unfortunately this includes many Apple developers too. I have made the switch and I am glad that I did.
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