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  1. I'm glad I got help here for returning to Evernote Legacy. The issue I have is that Evernote isn't even acknowledging our issues. There's been other times they've made terrible decisions, and they don't say anything. I'm really disappointed with their customer relations and their product development team. Being unable to trust them to bring out quality upgrades that meet the needs of users has me considering OneNote.

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  2. Pretty colors are nice. But prioritizing them over maintaining the existing functions is simply illogical. I'm sure a lot of people were happy when they added air conditioning to cars. But not if they had removed doors at the same time. 

    This isn't a game. My organization uses Evernote a lot. Changing an easy to use setup to showcase new features is totally illogical. In other words, they took the doors off, but at least I can see the spiffy colors of the interior,

    Evernote needs to understand how their product is used. They need to protect the product they make and improve it. What they've done makes me wonder if I can trust them to be there for me in the future. 

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  3. On 10/9/2018 at 7:36 AM, dconnet said:

     Sorry, no. That's the new design to make the Windows client conform to how our other clients look.

    Forgive me for disagreeing, but I do not think that answer is appropriate. I agree that the "search information" bar takes up too much vertical real estate, and although the view tab has a setting to turn it off, it is not functional. The design of the "search information" bar is also inefficient. you don't need it to take up that much space. To be candid, YOU might have some reason that the Windows client needs to conform to your other clients, but that doesn't mean I want it that way, and I'm the paying user. What would be so terrible if we were able to toggle this feature on/off? 

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