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  1. I have been reading through this topic for the past few days, and while there are things that frustrate me about Evernote, overall, I still lean towards it.  I don't qualify myself as a power user (yet) as I don't have nearly the number of notes of some here.  However, because of some of the ways that Evernote doesn't quite mesh with my workflow, I have found myself looking at other apps.  OneNote's organization and handwriting appeal to me, but it doesn't clip web articles well enough for my taste.

    Anyhow, the app that I have used for awhile and watched steadily improve is FiiNote, for Android.  It has added a Windows client recently (I don't think it is available on iOS) and synchronization between devices.  For me, it has been far and away the best Android note taking app for the way I work, but it didn't have the robust features and storage abilities of EN.  However, it seems to be slowly moving in that direction, and as it keeps improving, the more I keep an eye on it, and wonder if it could (eventually) replace EN for me.  EN's webcipper tool is still top notch for me, so I am not saying FiiNote could replace it tomorrow, but worth taking a peek for some people, I would guess.

  2. I dont know how much/if you are willing to pay for an app, but 7Notes has handwriting to text capability and it can export to Evernote.  However, this feature is only available in the premium version.  I have used it some myself, but converting handwriting to text really wasnt that important to me, so I havent really explored all the possiblities of the app.  I am still looking for the perfect stylus/handwriting app myself.

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