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  1. I've written to customer service but wanted to check in to see if anyone else if getting continual crashes with the iPad app. So far, my iPhone app is okay. Both devices are up to date, and no other app is giving me problems. But on the iPad, even after uninstalling and re-installing the Evernote app, I'm unable to use it. I pay a monthly fee for Evernote, usually a reliable product that I use heavily. I'm hoping this can be fixed soon.

  2. Hi, Imagenomad. You've misunderstood my concern. Yes, I have a Premium account and have had one for a long time. Yes, I have offline notebooks set up. However, what I wrote is that I often can't get the app to load. I can't get into the iOS app unless I have WiFI. So, having offline notebooks is moot. And that's what I'd like to see Evernote address--the glitch in its mobile app system. Thanks for your reply, though. [Also, to be clear, this is only a concern with iPod Touch. The app on iPad works fine. However, I don't always carry my iPad with me, and it's those times, when I find I have a critical need for certain information, that the iPod Touch falls through because Evernote malfunctions on it.]

  3. Same here, Jonnygreen. It's disappointing. I've had a few events (the last, just about an hour ago) where the information was critical in the moment but, because I was not connected to WiFi and could not be, I could not get access to my Evernote account. The app would open but would not load, and I maintain an up-to-date version, always. Doesn't anyone at Evernote monitor these forums and reply? I pay for Evernote and rely upon it. I would really expect better.

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