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  1. Sillydoberdog,


    Thanks for your suggestion on the login. It worked! I logged out and closed evernote, closed the icon in the toolbar and uninstalled the web clipper. I rebooted my machine, opened and signed back in to Evernote and then downloaded and installed the web clipper. The first time I tried it I got the circle of circles, but I closed, and tried again, and I got the login screen and now it works! I don't understand why they couldn't replicate it, but at least I have the clipper back.



  2. I just un-installed web clipper, downloaded from your website a file that had 6.1 in the title and installed that. I still have no luck. The bar on the right doesn't even open, I don't get to the point of being able to try and select a clip type or anything, I just get the circle of circles in the middle of the screen and it stays, I waited at least a minute on the following two sites. These are both sites I have clipped from numerous times in the past.






    Thank you!


  3. Hi, I am running


    MAC OSX 10.9.2


    and Safari 7.0.2


    and Evernote 5.5.0


    Up until now the web clipper has worked great for me, but in the last couple of weeks it stopped. I just get the circle of circles interminably. I uninstalled the web clipper, re-downloaded and re-installed. I re-installed evernote and I just tried the beta version of the web clipper.  I haven't had it work on any of the blogs I follow (it worked fine on each of these previously), a few are posted below:






    Up until now I have been very satisfied with the web clipper, but this is one of the huge areas of info that I use Evernote to capture so if this continues to be a problem, it will be very frustrating.





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