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  1. +1 for a simple Archive option on folders. Selecting the option would simply hide the folder from top-level views. IMO, notes in archived notebooks would still show up in searches. I think the comparison to archiving in GMail above is pretty accurate.


    There are multiple good examples above for why this would be useful. Another example: if one is changing jobs or closing business with a client, then the folder for the job / client should "disappear" from normal views to reduce "visual friction" (@kappadonna - good phrase!) Additionally, it would be nice if *no* other attribute changes for that notebook and the notes contained therein need be made. For some uses, it's good to know that the record of a project / client relationship hasn't been altered since x/y/z date. So maybe also nice to store the last date the option was checked -- then the info on the notebook indicates 'Archived on x/y/z'.


    Please add this feature!

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