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  1. grashof's post in Attachments inside tables disappear from Evernote legacy in Evernote 10 was marked as the answer   
    good evening, after a few days of using the v.10 version I verified the following:
    1 - The problem of missing attachments when switching from legacy to v.10 is incredibly frequent for my archive but has been solved (until now) by restoring the latest version of the corrupted note in the history. Normally you just need to wait a few seconds and you can copy the entire contents of the recovered note and paste it into the original version. In this way, if here are incoming or outgoing links to and from the initially corrupted note without attachments, it is fully recovered.
    2 - in order not to risk losing attachments or other information in this artisanal procedure, I installed a Windows partition on a virtual image with legacy Evernote, so if in the future there were to be notes that are impossible to recover I can still recover information from old legacy archive. However, this operation was necessary to avoid living in anxiety over having lost ten years' work.

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