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    Why say something like this? I'm sure many people are aware of the point your making, but you don't need to rub it in - we're vocalising something because we feel this is important and we DO know that dev's look at these forums. You making the assumption that our +1's don't carry any weight yet this thread could be the evidence that dev's need to even consider this a possibility. They could run a poll asking users if they want more customisation in Evernote. The reasons are self evident, we don't need more of them, we need more support of those reasons to be implemented, not someone who is criticising the community for a seamlessly pointless +1

    +1 to a dark theme


    I'm not trying to rub anything in here (I am unclear of what I am rubbing in). I am simply suggesting that there are more effective ways of making your point. It is true that I am not a developer, I have no idea what factors lead to their decisions to add or remove features, and I cannot know the impact your +1s have. I am just a user like you. I am guessing based on comments I have seen on the forums from developers who ask for use cases, workflows, etc. in order to better understand their users. My intent was to generate discussion in the discussion forums, not to discourage participation. Carry on.



    Hi GrumpyMonkey. Your regular regulatory 'check-ins' are not likely to sway the minds of dark theme advocates voicing their opinions here. Lets not sidestep your personal motivations for whining here. What you and Jefito are complaining about include an inconvenience to your schedule, which includes dutifully tending to every thread on this forum; as seen by both of yours' 9 thousand plus posts. Yup, sounds like a really unfortunate case where you have no way to affect change and have to see us users grieving about in the aether.


    Let me tell you that adding a simple +1 to a forum on a thread that resonates your own thoughts is cathartic. Without much effort you feel like your opinion was heard.


    Hey let's see some developers present some 'swaying' arguments as to why not to have a dark theme. I suspect a discussion would soon arise that'd keep you at bay.

  2. @GrumpyMonkey

    Thank you. I hope you aren't too grumpy all the time; your advice is sound.


    But perhaps an Evernote user goes is search for this feature to find this thread.

    They may or may not have anything new to add, but still want to show support.

    Maybe a poll would be more appropriate.


    With 9K+ posts, I respect your protectiveness of this discussion board.

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