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  1. Hi, 


    I took pictures of three chapters of a text book in the library and the images were uploaded in the wrong order and some were in landscape orientation. 

    1. Why did the images change order?
    2. Why was i not aware that i had tilted the phone enough to swtich it to landscape mode? There should be a rotate lock on there. 

    This is not the first time it happens but this time it was really annoying because i had to go back and put images in the correct order on my PC, save them as pdf, and put them back in evernote. 


    Is this a bug or did i do something wrong? 

  2. Hi, I use the "page camera" function on the EN Android app to scan all my lecture notes, hw, hand outs, graded quized, etc. 


    The app puts the first page that i scan at the bottom of the EN Note. This is pretty annoying specially when I try to use EN to study my lecture notes. And I cant find a way to disable this function. I started taking pictures in reverse but there should be a way to disable this. 


    Is there? 

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