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  1. 1 hour ago, DTLow said:

    The Legacy product can be installed from here

    >>Boy, am I ever sorry I upgraded my Evernote :(

    Why did you upgrade - Was there something that appealed to you?
    Personally, I consider the Version 10 product a work-in-progress
    I won't be looking at it until the work is completed

    >>Creating new notebook 

    Is that a frequent activity?
    I basically roll with a single notebook, and rarely edit notebooks/stacks

    I'm a tagger - similar edit page as notebooks
    Again I rarely edit tags

    Thanks for sharing the link for legacy product installation. I'll wait for a few more suggestions and perhaps a response from the Evernote Team before I revert back.

  2. Where did all the right-click functionality on stacks and notebooks go??? why can't I create a new notebook in a stack from the left menu pane anymore? Now I have to click on "Notebooks" then "create notebook" then move it to the stack....it used to be so simple, why change such a basic feature????

    Boy, am I ever sorry I upgraded my Evernote :(

    Is there a way to revert back to the previous Windows version?

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