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  1. Actually, it doesnt seem that secure, I just discovered I could Export the notes from the Business part as enex files and then log into the Personal part and Import the enex files and now all the Business notes are in one single personal account.

    This isnt a business vs personal thing - I own the company, so I want to search for things and find things whether personal or business doesnt matter, I want to find it when I want it - and I dont want to have to remember where I stored it and then have to switch between personal and business. I dont have a personal AND a business phone - I have one and I want one Evernote that I can search at once. Its a shame Evernote did this, if Business side was better I dont mind paying Subscriptions, but for me, to have Business gives me less functionality as it prevents me from searching ALL my notes at once.


  2. Nobody found a solution to this?

    I pay for Business and also have Personal, but this new way of working is going to make me cancel business and move to Personal. It seems the more they try to force people into Business the more they alienate people. Rather tempt people into Business, tempt people with better functions. This stick approach where it gets worse is a backward step IMO.

    I have used a few of these over the years but each ends up being wrecked when they try to make it into a swiss army knife when all we want is a simple spoon. Someone may use a swiss army knife, but really more people want spoons to use everyday.

    Evernote should be evernote and do it the BEST, not be a bad swiss army knife that does more things badly...


  3. It seems that if I dont have web access - I cannot see my notes on my mac laptop even though I have Premium.

    But mobile devices do still have access to all notes while offline. 

    I travel a lot and often dont have web acccess, is there really really no way I can use evernote on a laptop without web access? It doesnt seem to even allow me to turn the app on. Its like its an online app only? Weird that my iphone or ipad can do it but not my laptop?!

  4. It seems many people are having the same problem as me.


    I PAID and yet Evernote still says I am Free.

    I sent in a support email and they asked for evidence.

    I sent evidence, but that was the last I heard.


    Day after day passes, and I send emails and support requests again and again every day - but nothing happens. 

    The funds have been paid, I have evidence and a receipt - but I don't have Pro. What do I have to do to get this dealt with?


    I got a note saying:

    You have been registered on (#84193) as a CC.


    I sent payment evidence to support:

    AUS Order ID: MGQTLQNX20

    Issue Date: 13/07/13
    Order Total: $46.99

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