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  1. Hi! I am currently on MabookAir with MacOS HS 10.13.3 When I annotate, if I click away from the annotation window it automatically closes and saves the changes, even if I have a split screen view and am taking notes in another EN note. It's super annoying to have to open up annotation and find my place again if I wish to take notes as I go or do absolutely anything for an even a moment outside of that annotation, EN or otherwise. Is this a bug or an infuriating design flaw?
  2. I've had this issue since last year, and have exited the program / rebooted my computer many times during this period. I can't remember when it started, I mostly just ignored and worked around it. I've worked out it only happens in certain circumstances. To replicate the issue: 1. Have Evernote windowed 2. Click to annotate, the annotate window is fine. 3. Go full screen. As it goes full screen it's like that part of the window (the border around the edge) just doesn't go with it and I get left with what I call the ghost window, which I guess is just an element of the window
  3. I've had this issue for a while now, just updated to the new version of EN thinking maybe they'd fixed it but it's still there. I have this weird ghost window thing in my annotate view (pictures below). When I first open annotate, it's not there, but as soon as I'm in full screen it appears. It doesn't seem to interfere with annotating, but if there's a fix I'd love to get rid of it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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