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  1. Evernote on Windows 10 Ver (305097) Prerelease

    Paste of text from another note (& elsewhere?) does not retain the full formatting of the original but matches part of the "target" style - e.g. font size.

    This is for Paste, not "Paste and Match Style'


  2. I had "lost" a note and tried finding it by text I knew was int it. No go.

    It turned out that the note had been renamed and overwritten (as a result of a merge I think).

    I was able to find it by a strange sequence of events.

    HOWEVER - It would all have been solved if I could have searched in all notes, including (by option):

    - history of notes

    - trashed notes.

    (Obviously for Premium users).

    This would be a great feature, also for use-cases where data is deleted but I do not know from which note.

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