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  1. This morning I upgraded to Evernote v5.7.2 for Mac, and after notes were migrated, text no longer wraps.

    • Existing text no longer wraps in existing notes (boo).
    • New text, typed or pasted, DOES correctly wrap in new notes (yay).
    • New text, typed or pasted does NOT wrap in existing notes (boo).

    I see that this has been sort of an on and off complaint for a couple years now. It never happened for me before today. Looks like reinstalling to an older version has mixed results too.


    -- Jim



  2. Thanks everyone.


    I thought I remembered a "launch" option in the menubar icon in an earlier version, and only think of it when I'm in a hurry and type too much on launch.


    Also, everyone knows command-spacebar is zoom in Photoshop! But like you say its customizable.

    AND, even mouse/pen clicking in Spotlight is as quick as clicking the elephant icon anyway.


    (for my 2nd question, you can see in my above screenshot I "cleared" recent searches by typing other stuff)

  3. This may be stupid, but I have a little problem opening Evernote.


    Many times, I'm IMing people about work. I realize I need a link or whatever from Evernote. So I "open" it via menubar-Elephant, then the "Find" option (because there is no "open" option!).


    As I wait the few seconds for Evernote to launch and sync, I resume my IM conversation.


    But because I launched it via "Find" it assumes I want to Search. It takes focus and half my IM sentence ends up as a Search Query.


    So my questions are, how should I really be opening Evernote, and how do I clear the "recent searches" list of blithering half sentences?


    Here it is as a picture annotated with pink Skitch arrows:



    -- Jim

    Mac osX 10.8.5

    Evernote v5.5(402491 Direct)

  4. I have a note called "0a", which is where I used to dump random stuff for sorting out later. A few months ago I started getting the "conflict in note" message, with the offending note being placed into a new "Conflicting Changes (date)" notebook.


    But there were never any differences (that I could see). I opened the two conflicting notes side by side and they looked the same line by line.


    Anyway. I stopped using "0a" about 2 months ago because it was too annoying.


    Even though I never paste or grab content from "0a" anymore, I still get told it conflicts about once a week. It's less now with Version 5.0.7 (400995), but it still happens.





    EN v5, mac osX 10.83 (laptop), 10.7x (desktop)

    (I dont see the conflicting note at all on iPhone version)

  5. EN Version 5.0.7 (400995), Mac 10.7.5 and 10.8


    In what is called "snippet" view I often use images to scan for familiar notes since Evernote doesn't have color labels.


    Often when I paste an image into an existing note, that image becomes the snippet's new thumbnail. At first I though that maybe it just uses the most recent image. But when I re-dragged my original desired image from Skitch, the "new" one is still the thumbnail.


    Like in some web photo galleries, can we have a right-click to "use this image as thumbnail", or at least agree to use the First image in the note rather than a random image in the note? Even if you guys programmed the 6th image, at least let us know how to control it.

  6. About Dusan and Bojan011's questions... on my macpro tower I have updates because I guess I first installed EN years ago. On the newer laptop I grabbed it from the app store.

    Is there a link or explanation of:

    • What's the Difference between these?
    • Why you can grab updates for one but not the other?
    • Should I just trash the app store version and use the EN site for the app?
    • How do I do that / is it worth the effort?

    -- Jim

  7. flyingout, I hadn't tried the drag. That's too bad (as an old time iView user, that's exactly how I keyword, er "tag" images there).

    GrumpyMonkey, don't admit you like ads! Also, I guess I didn't realize I always used Snippet view, which I now see on my laptop's old version of Evernote.

  8. I just updated Evernote and it seems to be an all new version (5.0),

    For those like me who were baffled by the layout: they now call "list" view "snippet" view. So if you want an alphabetical or chronological list of all your notes in a left bar, use "snippets".

    But the main problem I need to ask about is the dark gray Left Left bar. Thats where I had persistent access to my tags list before v5. Now there's a Tags Button which opens a Tags Page. But this is not visible at all when you're looking at an actual note...

    For those more experienced with this stuff, IS there a way to put clickable Tags (and clickable notebook list too) in a visible place?

    -- Jim

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