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  1. The 2.0 update is a joke right? It's Evernote's April Fools, has to be. Oh wait, it's ***** September, not April :P

    A major version upgrade normally signifies an update, enhancement, improvement, and potentially re-envisioning the UI. Skitch 2.0 though only fits the re-envisioned UI part of that, as it is effectively:

    - A downgrade instead of an update.

    - Almost all features have been removed instead of enhanced or new features added.

    - A much worse product, rather than an improved product.

    But if I'm gonna be geeky about it, at least they're following semantic versioning, which states that major version should only change when you break backwards compatibility. Which they've done, in the most horrible way possible.

    I can somewhat understand removing FTP/sFTP support, since Evernote wants to pay the bills, but it's still very annoying when you've come to rely on that feature for the past 5 years or so since the first Skitch beta was released. However, forcing it to run in the Dock with no option for menubar, removing all but the most basic editing features, and changing the ones that are left so they're almost unusable. And what the hell happened to preferences?

    The only way I can explain this, is that someone with decision making power has completely lost it and needs to be fired. Or for whatever reasons an internal deadline for Skitch 2.0 release was set at some point in the past, probably without feedback from the Skitch team about when a 2.0 would be realistic. Come deadline the team were simply forced to ship anything that wasn't completely broken, leaving us with only a handful of the original features, in an almost unusable state.

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