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  1. Update to this - my Apple.com receipts import OK, but the Paypal don't - no idea why, but must be some peculiarities with formatting. Also, there must be a simple mod to the script that would allow the header info that is displayed in the note to match the width of the table columns to the the displayed note width? I can do this manually when viewing the note, but is there an autoscale property somewhere? Thanks! 

  2. Hi there, very keen on having the ability to automate the sending of bulk sets of email into my Evernote account, but the mail app only allows you to do this either individually or by concatenating the multiple selected emails into a single note, which doesnt work for me (I need single notes linked to single emails to pump my email receipts into the same notebook as all other receipt material (scans etc.).

    I found this veritrope script which is old, but sort of works and gives quite a few nice options on import. Only problem is, while plain text imports fine, my html emails (for example PayPal receipts) do not import properly - the documentation suggests it should. I think it may be due image files or some html issues, but this is way beyond my skill level (both html and AppleScript!). Whilst I work on increasing by abilities, any chance of looking at the script to see where it is falling down (not surprising since it hasn't been updated since 2014!). The author hasn't responded unfortunately which is fair enough, hence asking here.

    Grateful for any advice people can give - thanks.

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