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  1. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for the response and confirming that there is indeed a difference in price. No matter what I do though I can't seem to upgrade through the Mac AppStore on this rogue machine. Completely fresh install, it just links back to the Evernote website when the 1 month button is clicked. I can't for the life of me work out why it didn't do that on the other 2 machines and why they automatically opened up the AppStore and requested a sign in.

    Thanks for the advice though, it was worth a try!


  2. Thank you Scott...

    Just to note the credit card is exactly the same in all instances as it is a company credit card.

    VAT is 20% so the price based on the Mac AppStore cost of £2.99 would be £3.59 not £4 so I'm still baffled....

    Yes the third Mac is using the Mac AppStore version. Hence my question... Why aren't I getting Mac AppStore pricing when I was on the 2 others???

  3. On this particular Mac the Application was installed as a desktop program before the Mac AppStore was in existence. This is what I mean when I say the web version. The version of the software which was downloaded from the Evernote website. Not the version that you use through a browser.

    Now the Evernote website directs you to the Mac AppStore which promotes the Premium upgrade as a £2.99 in app purchase.

  4. Thanks for that link, however I must not have been clear as it would seem you've led me down the wrong path for my answer.... From what I'm reading, people have seen varying exchange rates and VAT differentials and a silent increase in the premium pricing which has nothing to do with what I have asked. Unfortunately, I'm still left with my original question.

    Why is the Premium upgrade being advertised at £2.99 a month on the Mac AppStore. (Important to note that the price stated is in Great British Pounds) Yet on the Evernote website it's priced at £4. You can clearly see this from the screenshots I have posted above on request.

    More importantly... I've just upgraded 2 Macs for £2.99 and I've come to do the third and it's showing a price of £4. This was within 5 minutes of doing the others.

    I think it may be something to do with having the web version of Evernote previously installed and then installing it through the Mac AppStore. I'm going to clear the caches and logs in the Mac libraries and see if that solves the issue.


  5. Hi there,

    Thanks for the reply...

    There most certainly is a difference in price as the screenshots below detail. On the Mac Appstore Evernote offer an inApp purchase price which is lower for both a year's subscription or a month's. There is no statement that the features differ either.

    Here is the price on the Evernote website taken from this page - http://evernote.com/premium/


    Then a screen shot from the App on the Mac I am trying to sign up to it...


    Then another from the Mac Appstore which shows the alternate pricing on the bottom right...


    Here it is shown as an inApp purchase. If needs be I can get a screen shot of the actual in app purchase screen from another Mac which I will be purchasing premium on later. It's the same as the second picture above but says £31.99 for a year ans £2.99 for a month.

    I have just purchased premium on 2 separate macs though for £2.99 each for a month.



  6. Hello,

    We've recently decided to utilise Evernote Premium in our Marketing Department. I've installed the premium version via the Mac Appstore on 2 of our machines without any issues and have paid £2.99 to receive the premium services for 1 month.

    I've come to do the same on a third machine which originally had the web version of Evernote 3.3.0 installed. I've deleted this and downloaded the Mac Appstore version and gone to upgrade. However the pricing is completely different to the other 2 I have just done. Instead of £2.99 a month it's now saying it's £4.00 a month. Some research tells me this is the pricing structure for the Web version of Evernote...

    Could anyone help me with rectifying this. The app in the Mac Appstore is still advertised as £2.99 a month and, of course, that's what we'd like to pay...



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