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Advanced Evernote Workshop - Using Little Know Features to Expand Your Evernote

? This workshop has a $25 investment (click here to sign up). Please click on the link for tickets to reserve your seat! ?

In this advanced topics workshop, we will go over:
? Power User Tips (using features to get you moving faster)
? How to be more productive with basic tools
? How to use Advanced Search
? Tips for sharing notes/notebooks

?? There is a question I ask after you register. This question will help me build a better workshop for those coming. ??
Rebecca is known for her creative hair and ability to take challenging Web and social media topics and deliver them in bite size pieces for small business owners and companies of various sizes to understand and implement.

The self-proclaimed Evernote Junkie and Evernote Certified Consultant gives effective and actionable tips in Evernote, social media and email marketing to help you succeed. 

She was not a fan of Evernote starting out. It was not until she had to organize a client's Evernote account that she found the amazingness that Evernote has to offer. 

Today she creates templates and invites others to use Evernote and show them along the way how to utilize it to the best of their ability. Even companies have hired her to deploy Evernote in their organization. One of her templates is on the FEATURED TEMPLATE page on the Evernote site!

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