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I am using Evernote as a trading journal, most specifically for options trades.  Currently, I add screenshots, and compose why I entered and exited a trade.  The ability to compile and track data related to the trades would help maximize the use of Evernote as a trading journal.  How might it be possible to compile data from each trade and compute various performance metrics within a notebook?

Thanks for the help

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Not really possible within EN, no arithmetic capabilities at all.  Probably better suited in Excel or the like. 

You can,however, put a link in an Excel spreadsheet to the note which has the screenshot and any of the data.  But the manipulation of the data can't be done in EN.

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19 hours ago, traceytrades said:

How would you create the link in Excel to the Evernote note?

In Windows, right click on the note and hold the Ctrl key while selecting Copy Note Link.  Then paste the link choosing Keep Source Formatting into the cell you want in  Then when you click on the link in Excel you should be transferred to the note in EN..

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