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ios10 Document Camera Locks up Evernote

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When using Camera to take a Document photo, the app correctly identifies Document and automatically takes photo, but then goes into a cycling mode and eventually fails with Error Failed to Load Photo. Tried multiple times restarted iPad and app with same result.

Device: iPad Pro 9.7" with ios10

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I have the exact same issue since iOS 10 on the iPad Pro 9.7" but not on iPhone 7. The issue on iPad started after iOS 10 update. I even reinstalled Evernote, but that did not help.

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On 3/5/2017 at 0:22 AM, atulsetlur said:

I am experiencing the same issue on iPad Pro 9.7". Any fixes?

In my case the issue solved itself earlier this year after some of the updates to either iOS or Evernote. Have you installed all updates and tried again recently whether or not it works now?

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