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Long text strings sometimes don't wrap properly

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I have some notes with long strings, like file paths or long urls. On the Mac client, they wrap properly to the screen width. And when you're in editing mode on the iOS client, they wrap properly as well.

But in view mode on the iOS client they don't wrap, and since they have to fit on one line they end up making the rest of the text look ridiculously small and hard to read.

See the attached screenshots.

This is in the brand new version of Evernote with the new note editor (version 7.16, released on August 30th).

Reported as bug 1794028.

Photo Aug 30, 10 21 45 AM.png

Photo Aug 30, 10 21 51 AM.png

Photo Aug 30, 10 31 42 AM.png

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YES - me too!!!

I've only noticed it happening since I updated my iPhone to iOS 9.3.5 and updated to Evernote 7.16 ...

Interested to see if anyone can help us both!

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Me three.

Thanks for the awesome, detailed bug description. Hopefully it'll help them fix this thing soon! iOS app is basically unusable for me on all my most important notes.

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