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Windows 10 Tablet Edge and EN web - sucks

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Windows 10 Tablet (non-surface) + Evernote online web = Train wreck

The web user interface that is getting worse and worse, full of scripting that slows the browser down and makes it unusable. Evernote website in Edge browser is train wreck. This is second tablet I am using and same results. Loading slowly, script not responding, clicking on the screen there is a delay. My current tablet is decent Win10 with 4GB RAM, latest update etc. No other issues with websites even beast websites such as Ebay work fine. 

Good thing Evernote didn't decommission Evernote Touch yet, but I don't hold my breath on this one.

Evernote product management is mismanaged. Period. End of story. Don't have enough staff to test the product thoroughly after years of wasting money on ideas that have been later send to graveyard. Whatever was built in Evernote was built because of the platform that was created years ago... integrations, tagging, database, synchronization. Once Evernote alienates its core user base it's going to be finished.


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Hi.  Would this help? 

...and this might be of interest...


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Hi all,


I have installed the Evernote extension for Microsoft Edge, and it won't let me clip anything. When I click the icon, a web page appears and then disappears without letting me key in any information.

 I looked at the event log and the message is: /n15:43:18 GMT+0700 (SE Asia Standard Time) (ERROR) /background.html: EDAMUserException: {"errorCode":5,"parameter":"authenticationToken"}
   at k (ms-browser-extension://9nblggh4x0qw_EvernoteEvernoteWebClipper_q4d96b2w5wcc2/js/main/Account.js:2:2916)

If it helps, the extension logo has a red circle on the bottom left...I assume it is because I'm offline. But then how do I log on?


Thanks in advance for the help!



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Hi.  Try selecting some part of a web page,  then click the icon - you should be asked to log in to your Evernote account.  If that fails,  remove the extension and then reinstall it...

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