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how to link to a specific part of a note?

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is there a way to link to a specific line or part of a note? I know how to make links to other notes, but I'm asking if it's possible to link to certain part of a note within the same note, so internal links

I have a lot of notes that range to fairly to very short because there is not much to say on the topic, so combining these notes into a longer one would be easier for organization purposes, but this also means that the typical method of linking means that the links to these combined notes goes to the start, not the specific topic or section that I want to directly go to

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Hi.  There's no way to link to part of a page.  Rather than combine your notes however,  why don't you select all the notes you would like to combine,  and create a 'parent' Table of Contents note.  You could put all the child-notes together in a 'reference' or 'archive' notebook so they're out of the way*,  and refer to the parent note to jump to one or the other.  Use 'back' on your toolbar to go back to the parent page,  or add links back to it as necessary.

You can also move links around to group them conveniently,  or add further links to new child notes.

*Do this before you create the ToC note,  otherwise the links might be broken!

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