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Emailed images out of order

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I'm experimenting with sending scans of documents to evernote by email. When I send multiple images as attachments to a single email they seem to appear in the note in a random sequence, not the sequence they were added to the email, nor in alphabetical order.

Is there a way to specify the order they should be placed in the note in evernote?

Here is an example of a note created with 20 images that were emailed in. The order appears to be random. The image file names were test01.png to test20.png




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Hi.  I've no idea how Evernote adds images from email,  but if you're scanning documents,  why not use PDF format which can contain multiple pages (in the correct order) and if you OCR the file,  or create a 'searchable PDF' you'll have the content available for searching should you need it.  Image files are OCR'd,  but at a word level rather than phrases.  Within a PDF you could search for 'cat sat on the mat' and find the page(s) containing that exact sequence.  In an image OCR search 'cat' 'sat' and 'mat' are all disconnected words,  and you'd get hits from every document containing them in any context.

The only way I can think of to send images in a precise order would be to send each one in a separate email and either append each subsequent email to the existing note,  or use a tag,  title or keyword and send each image to its own note.  If the title of the note starts with 001, 002 etc you could sort the notes into the correct page order and then merge them.  (Although merging notes can be.. erratic too!)


Tips for searching scanned PDFs

How to save email into Evernote

How to merge multiple notes into a single note


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Thanks for your suggestion Gazumped, but I prefer to stick with images mainly because under linux there is no proper evernote client, and the web interface only shows PDFs as downloadable files rather than the content of the PDF. If i upload images, they display in a way I can see them without having to click through.


i don't see why the evernote importer doesn't respect the order they are attached to the email, or perhaps list them in alphabetical order or something.


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@jasonblewis - Fair comment;  if you need images,  you need images.  One thing I missed out of my comments by the way was that if you can send images separately with the numbered titles,  you could use a table of contents note to list them in a 'parent' note from which you could select your individual choice by title.  You could also link the notes by tag,  which would enable you to use Snippet view and see thumbnails.  As to why the importer doesn't respect the order in which they were attached,  it may have something to do with the way email 'respects' that order - or Hindsight being 20/20,  maybe no-one thought the order would be critical when the add-in was being developed.

PS apologies for the double post - didn't realise that happened...

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