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Evernote Web - Reloading the page messes with the search parameters (ie: dealing with escaped special characters)


I noticed that when using the search bar in Evernote Web, the application won't handle page reloads properly.

Under any notebook, search for anything using specific filters, like intitle. Search results appear normally, but if you hit the reload button in the browser and the entire page is refetched from the server, the search parameters return messed up, with special characters replaced by URI escape codes. This intereferes with the search results.

I have attached a couple of screenshots that show it. I'm a Linux user with Firefox v47, so I haven't tested in any other browser.

Hopefully, this can be easily fixed in a near future.

Kind regards!




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I have this issue too - also Linux, although that shouldn't be significant, and also using Firefox which could be significant.

Search text handling is still a long way behind what was possible in the old web client.

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