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BUG: No on-screen keyboard when doing search on iPad 3

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I have an iPad 3 running iOS 9.3.2, Evernote v7.15 with over 4GB of RAM free on the device.

Whenever I tap in the 'search notes' field to begin a search of notes either the onscreen keyboard never pops-up or it takes quite awhile for it to do so, over 30 seconds. When it doesn't pop-up the whole app appears to be frozen often. I have no other apps running, I do use third-party keyboards. It's annoying to have Evernote so broken every single time I do a search. Doesn't matter if I reset the iPad (power off, restart or Power Key + Home Button reboot) the search bug is still there. The iPad has a good internet connection, no problem with other apps.

One other thing, if I log into the Evernote website there doesn't seem to be any way to contact Evernote about a bug or provide feedback (I'm using the new beta web interface). I have to go back to the opening screen at the main domain and NOT be logged in. This is a poor design, there should be a button in the web app for help. Even when I did find the help/contact area at the bottom of the main site I had to log back in again to post in this forum. Had I logged-in again via the top login it would take me straight to the app without any recourse for help. Help button needs to be added to the web app UI.

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