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Viewing a PDF in a shared note on web browser

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Hello, all,

Recently, I have begun to use Evernote for a summer class I am in, and my teacher has embedded pdf's into the notes he shared.  They appear as attachments in the note, and if I am on an iPad I can open all of them with no problem.  However, if I am looking at the note on a desktop computer, when I click on an attached PDF it simply opens a new tab and goes nowhere.  Are there any suggestions? I really need to see these pdf's on my computer.

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Hi.  Are you using the installed desktop version of Evernote,  or viewing via a browser?  Does your computer have Adobe Reader or some other software that can open PDF files?

Edit:  OK,  now I read the title of this thread... so you're trying to read this PDF in a browser.  If you don't have Adobe software installed,  the browser won't be able to open the file for you,  so you need to get Adobe Reader from Adobe.com.

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