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Importing notes from OneNote of Win 10

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I'm trying to import notes from OneNote (version 17.7070.57821.0) that comes with Win 10 but Evernote says "OneNote notes cannot be imported at this time. To import notes from OneNote, you must have OneNote version 2007 or later installed on your computer".

Could someone help me out please?



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You need the desktop version of OneNote installed. Not the Metro/ModernUI/UWP/name-of-the-day version. It also needs to be running when you do the import into EN.

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Hi, I've got exactly the same problem.

What do you mean by Metro/ModernUI/UWP/name-of-the-day?

My version of OneNote looks as "desktop-like" as it can get. Where can I see what kind of version I have?

Thanks in advance,


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