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Evernote deleted part of my notes. Need help

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This is ridiculous. I have a note this morning that I typed out. It was around 3 pages or so on my iPad. I got on to the Web to share it with others and when I opened it, it opened the full note... and then it glitched and 2 pages worth of notes disappeared... I check my iPad and it shows it also. I don't feel that I should have to pay for premium JUST TO SEE if I can recover my missing data from my note, and I DEFINITELY don't feel it is right for me to have to pay to recover my note if I did nothing wrong to cause it to disappear. :( 

I wanted to submit a support ticket but NOPE, YOU CAN'T DO THAT UNLESS YOU PAY EITHER.

This is absurd, Evernote. If this is how customers are treated, I am never using it again and migrating my notes to Google. Is there anything that can be done for me?



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Hey nstinson. Exactly the same thing happened to me today. The worst part is that as you say, Evernote denies their support to free users. I guess it is quite obvious that this is bad practice as far as customer relationship goes. But furthermore, we are not getting their service for free. They actually have access to the text of millions of users. What they write about and think about. Nowadays this data is highly valuable, and it can be (and probably is) sold in many ways. Under the light of these facts, this is quite a shame for such a company. 

 I don't think this post will ever reach evernote's team but at least you know you're not alone. Gonna try to go premium for a month and ask for a refund. It took me a lot of time (which equals money in my case) to write down the ideas in the note that Evernote easily deleted for me. 

Just in case Evernote is smart enough to scan their forum in search of unhappy customers, here are some tags for you guys: angry disappointed sad error failed defective lost wasted. 

Have a good one.





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