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Web Clipper Notations with Screenshot annotations

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I want to use Evernote to do a lot of web clippings.  I like to clip full pages but I would like to annotate it with some of the arrows and pins you can use when you screenshot things.  Is there anyway to combine them together?  Am I missing something?  I'm more of a visual guy rather than a typed reader.  Thanks

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Hi.  It's not directly possible in Evernote,  but if you do a web search there are quite a few utilities that will save web pages to a PDF file.  Depending on your OS and browser you may also be able to 'print' the page to PDF.

If you then add the page/file to a note you would be able to open it and annotate,  and if you have a PDF editor,  you would be able to merge files together.  Evernote could also merge notes so you could group multiple files together.

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