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Martin Pergler

Bug: Moving note to local notebook


Hi there - great product, and appreciate the steady stream of improvements.

Have discovered a bug (actually first stumbled across it weeks ago, forgot about it, and replicated it today)

1. Create note in a normal (synced) workbook (in my case, by taking a photo of a document in the iOS client, putting it into Uncategorized)

2. Edit the note in the Windows client, moving it to a local (nonsynced) notebook.

3. Note appears in the local notebook (good), but a "ghost" duplicate remains in the old synced workbook (not good). This ghost can be seen in All notes in Windows and has its notebook set to the original one, but not if you click on the original synced workbook in the client where you did the move. However, ot also appears when accessing Evernote in the Web and back on iOS, even after replication has taken place.

4. The ghost note has to be killed manually, by deleting it and then expunging from trash.

This is annoying since (like other people I suspect) I use local notebooks for scanned copies of confidential docs I don't want to leave floating around in the cloud. Of course, if I were truly paranoid I wouldn't enter them in a way where they ever get put in the cloud (e.g. scanning in Evernote on iOS!) but nevertheless it's undesirable that copies persist after user believes they have moved them out of the cloud into a local workbook.

Thanks, Martin

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I can confirm this.  It is tricky to replicate, and I can't do it consistently.  It seems to be dependent on sync timing and when the note is moved to the local notebook, but when it occurs you end up with two notes, one in the local notebook and one in the sync'd notebook.  When it does occurs for me I am unable to delete the "ghost" note in the sync'd notebook.  I have to first move it to a local notebook before I can delete it.

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I have similar.(same bug?) - appeared just after moving some notes -

From log -

17:51:57 [50584] Client synchronization finished, status: complete
17:51:57 [50584] * elapsed time: 5s
17:51:57 [50584] * 1 note failed to sync
17:51:57 [50584] * Note: "The Life Extension Blog: Anti-Aging F...", error: "local: missing notebook (DATA_REQUIRED)"
17:51:58 [33932] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/shard/s145/utility

Early stuff re: version, etc.

17:51:42 [52200] Evernote for Windows (302292) Public
17:51:42 [52200] Client info: Evernote Windows/302292 (en-US); Windows/6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 (Win64);
17:51:42 [52200] Common Editor ce- (0abf925353982433a2f3c1149a25ef04b7fb6f35)

Need anything else?

Checked notes added after syncing OK.  Just seems to be one note.
Close Program, reopen, no difference.
2016JN22 18:00 Sydney Australia

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