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ANSWERED View E-mails as attachment

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Evernote please add the option to the Outlook Webclipper to add the email as an attachment within the note, instead of displaying it in-line. I add many e-mails from the outlook clipper to keep an issue history in each note and it would be very helpful to have email attachments instead of an extremely long note due to multiple emails being attached.

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Hi.  There's good news and there's bad news...  On one hand it IS possible to have an email as an 'icon' rather than show the full content in Windows Desktop. 

All you need do is drag the email from your Outlook into the note - by way of the desktop.  That's OL > Desktop > Note.  You'll get a short name,  so you might want to copy the subject line across too.  The copied icon will open in Outlook so you can read the full email and reply or forward it if necessary.  It's a longer winded process,  but you get short notes and all the email content,  including the header.  The email content will not be searchable.  You can delete the original email and use the Evernote copy instead.

I sometimes do both - use the Outlook clipper and DnD the original mail,  so the content can be indexed.


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