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Hi There,

not sure if this was already questioned (didn't found anyhing).

In the new client on Windows 6.1.1, you have the possebility to add Tags to your search by clicking on the tag-search-icon or simply by adding "tag:xyz" to your query.

Now it comes the new feature that all child tags from this selected tag will be included into the search. This happens only on the Icon, the search term "tag:xyz" returns what i'm searching for.  - But I want to have only tags which are especially tagged with the tag from my search. Due to the lag of autocomplete in the search field it's really uncomfortable to enter each tag I want to search manually (especialla when the are long like: "1997.00-1998.00 - Eberswalde; Eisenbahnstr. 80" ).

Example Tag Tree (note count):

  • xyz (5)
    • sub1 (5)
    • sub2 (5)
    • sub3 (5)

My (icon) search for tag:xyz returns 20! notes instead of 5 I'm searching for. I know, this is a usefull feature added to the new client, but is there a way to search exclusiv for notes tagged with "xyz" ignoring all childs.

May there is an kind of search grammar I missed? like "tag:xyz -childs"

Also: there is a bug/feature: If I create a new note, based on my search - It creates note with ALL tags, where I only selected ONE. But I can't delete the unwanted tags from the note






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You can go to Tools - Options - Note and uncheck Automatically select child tags

Or, if you leave the option checked and you use the left panel, when doing your icon search you can hold Shift when you click the parent tag and only that tag will be in the search.

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hold Shift when you click the parent tag and only that tag will be in the search.

Unfortunately this does not work, or I'm unable to reproduce it. Tried in left panel and search icon.But it works over strg+q. Disabling in the options worked for me, but it would be better to have this option as a search term (power user style). On the other hand: it is a bit confusing, that this behavior is not equal on each entry point: text search, icon search, popup search...

In general I like this feature to search for child tags to, even if they don't have the parents tag on it, but it sould be optional by search term, or a easy to reach switch in the search context.

Do you know if there is any plan to bring an better search interface to the windows client, where a user can click everything together (I think I saw similar stuff on the Mac client)

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I think what what csihilling meant was ctrl+click on the individual tags you want to search for. I was wondering how to search for parent tags only and just discovered this.

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Interesting.  Both Shift-click and Ctrl-click, work as long as you are in All Notes context.  Otherwise, using either will add/subtract tags from  the search.

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Yeah, I'm assuming it works as it would selecting files on windows explorer: Shift to select upwards or downwards for consecutive files, Ctrl to select individually for non-consecutive files.

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