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real Customer Service would be a plus


I have had difficulty with my Evernote scanner. Received only referrals to support pages from Evernote. Still not working. Received Premium with scanner--logged in the code and Premium account is not recognized. Evernote could be improved by live customer service support.

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Hi @sarse,

Could you clarify if the Premium code was rejected when you entered it or if you were able to enter the code but your account is not showing as Premium?

If the code was not rejected but you are still not seeing your account as Premium on your device, could you log into your account at Evernote.com via a desktop browser and let me know if your account displays as Premium there? I'd also like to have you check to see if you have unredeemed Evernote Points in your account online: https://www.evernote.com/Points.action.

This information will better help me to determine how I can best assist you.

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